April 1st, 2018 by Jan

They say the happiest place in the world is Disneyland. I disagree — my happy place is at camp with a great instructor!

Ken and I just returned from a workshop, or what I call, day camp. We had a ball.

I’ve been to a million workshops. I’ve taught a few as well. Being able to spend hours in a learning mindset with great guidance is well… just the best.

“Diving into Watercolours” with the fabulous Jess Rice, was as they say, “All that and a bag of chips!”

I don’t think anyone paid attention to the date of the workshop when it was announced. I can tell you, we were not exactly thrilled when we discovered we’d be traveling with BC Ferries on a holiday weekend — and yet… we had some of the best ferry luck possible. Besides making the boats we’d hoped for – we were treated to Orcas, playing along side the ferry on the way home.

Our doggy Boze, had a day camp experience as well, staying with Auntie Sarah and MayLynn. I know she was immersed into some long walks, snuggles and special attention as well. She is a lucky puppy, and we are lucky that she has a great place to stay, when we take off on our own adventures.

In true Jan Parker fashion, we stayed the night before the workshop at the teachers house! We were treated to good food and conversation, as well as a lovely walk along the boardwalk in White Rock. What a busy and growing place that is.

Spending time with Jess and his partner Angelo is more than inspiring. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again — we are lucky in our friends.

Thirteen or 14 people came to the workshop. The skill level was impressive, placing Ken and I as the rank beginners of the crowd. Yet at the end of the day, when all the paintings were hung on the wall for admiration — no one would have guessed!

Below is my second painting. My first is the one second from the right on the top row.

A great instructor makes the years and years of their personal training, lessons and practice look easy and seamless. The are able to share their skill, and meet each student exactly where they are, then push a bit.

Jess is just this type of instructor, and a pleasure to work with. His partner Angelo, is also skilled and was super helpful as well.

They knew just when to remind me to breathe, be bold, or take a break. My ego got so involved at times, that I almost forgot — I was painting flowers; not learning life threatening, rocket surgery.

I have more enthusiasm than talent, when it comes to the joy of painting. Yet, thanks to the years of study, I spent with the martial arts, I do know how to learn!

I know I need lessons, a good instructor, and lots of practice. Toss in a day long workshop, a private lesson or a week at camp, and progress is assured!

5 thoughts on “Adayatcamp

  1. Kayleen

    Beautiful! It seems like the adults that I work with get the most frustrated/stressed out while trying something new artistically- maybe because as adults, we’re not as used to the try/fail/adjust/try again cycle of learning? I always tell my students ‘If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!’ 🙂

  2. Jess Rice

    Thank you my friend. I’m glad I can return the favor of teaching you something after all the things you have taught me over the years. Some of the skills you have shown me have literally saved my life.

    You and Ken made the class so much fun for Angelo and I, and I was absolutely thrilled with how your paintings turned out, your practice is showing. Thanks for all your help setting up and asking just the right questions during the day camp.

    You’ll have to come over on more holiday weekends, sounds like the best time to ride the ferry. 🙂

    Keep on painting!


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