December 15th, 2012 by Jan

When I first met Ken, we talked of how we wanted to live together. Not about the fact THAT we wanted to lived together, but HOW we wanted to go about living together.

We both had been married before and we made several conscience decisions about how to go forward and live a good life.

Be nice was the main decision; be polite and be on each others side. Make yourself easy to love. And then without blinders, as best we can — when problems are obvious — look for the simple solution.

Ken being raised on a ranch, learned this big lesson early in life. He explained; if the fence is down and the cows are out, you need to get the cows back in and fix the fence. Simple.

After yesterdays news about another school shooting, there is a lot of talk going around about the folks in the US getting serious about gun control. I agree and yet, there are so many guns in the US that controlling the guns and the people who love them, is a bit like rounding up cats. It won’t be easy. And I think, it is only one factor in a culture where the acceptance of violence falls on the shoulders of us all.

This morning as I stood outside in the dark, listening to the rain fall, I am again extremely grateful for the safe and comfortable feelings I enjoy in my home. I was also thinking about what possible simple solution could there be to a very obvious and big problem.

Without being flippant or insensitive, I decided that if I were Queen of the universe today, I would not concern myself with gun control – I would have the world quit making and selling bullets.

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  1. Laur

    Thank you Jan, for that. Sanest thing I’ve heard all day. Some people here have said the same but it’s getting no forward gear from any level of government. Here’s my addendum. Let’s let USA insurers decide who gets bullets, if they don’t think you need that x-ray, test, or bullet, you don’t get one. Simple. eh? Nobody has any bullets because pharma won’t pay for them. Simple, right?


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