Shared Karma

March 17th, 2012 by Jan

My best friend Sandie and I are very similar to each other. We have the same hair, we walk at the same pace, we have been known to finish each others sentences, and when we are together we laugh like nobodies business.

There are a few obvious differences between us. Sandie has bigger feet than me, she wants to live in the tropics and not the frozen north. She is extremely social, a great cook, and throws amazing dinner parties. I tend to stay home, and have set the smoke detector off with my cooking a few more times than I’ve set the potholders on fire.

Sandie and I became very fast friends as soon as we met. And even though we have only lived near each other once, and that was for a mere 6 months, we have an incredible friendship. I treasure her.

I also have a lot in common with Sandie’s husband, Joe.

Joe is my spiritual advisor, and if you know anything about my spiritual standing, you’ll know I’m in very good hands.

Yesterday, I thought of Joe with love, when of one of our common traits “dropped” in. I am quite sure Joe and I share many qualities, but there is no doubt, we have one particular karma in common.

Here’s a truth, a common bond, or a maybe it’s a tribute:

For Joe and for me, we share the universal truth that — The newer the shirt — the faster the spill, and the bigger the stain.

Joe and I have traveled together a lot over the last 30 plus years, and the journey from fork to mouth has never been smooth for either of us.

Sometimes you just know when you’ll be friends forever.

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