March 18th, 2012 by Jan

I listen to the radio a lot. Yesterday on St. Patricks Day all the talk was about where to drink, how to drink responsibly, and all offered a lot of advice on how to deal with the inevitable hangovers.

The hangover advice ranged from everything from drink water before you go to bed, to be sure to go back to the pub in the morning for some hair of the dog. The only advice I didn’t hear, was telling folks that you don’t have to drink to celebrate holidays.

That just didn’t seem to make the list of options.

Perhaps it’s a good time to plug Today’s Step!

I remember when Nancy Regan was on the “Just say no” bandwagon. I don’t know how successful that was or is. I just know, sometimes it isn’t about what we do that matters, it’s what we don’t do that can make a difference.

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