December 9th, 2012 by Jan

I’m home five days now, and just begining to feel comfortable again.

When you travel to Mars and back again, I guess a period of adjustment and a massage is necessary. This morning, I actually slept in past day break, and when I stepped outside, the rain looked speciously like snow.
Yesterday, I made beads and spun wool. I’m slowly finding my feet. I also downloaded over 600 photos from Ken’s camera. We both took about a zillion photos this last month. Posting pretty photos makes me feel like I’m keeping this daily commitment, even though I’m not.

I hope to get back to writing soon. But a lot of things I do as a practice have been put on the back burner. For now, I feel like I’m painting a room a new colour, and need to clear out all the stuff, take a look at it, toss some things, and take my time about only putting back the stuff I want or really need.

I know my dad has ADD – and I’ve said it before, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. A huge mirror has been held up to my face in the last couple of months. The main difference with this apple is I think I’m aware of my issues, skills and solutions.

So, here’s to my feet on the ground, my head in the clouds, and my friend, Sally Forth!

Oh and, a pretty picture to enjoy.

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