August 3rd, 2012 by Jan

My friend Leslie Lippard will accept the award of Martial Artist of the Year 2012 at PAWMA this weekend.

I couldn’t be happier!

I met Leslie in the late 80s. She introduced me to PAWMA, brought me to my first camp, and because of this, my life changed. I am grateful for that to this day. Leslie and I are strong friends, as well as martial arts colleagues and I believe PAWMA has been the glue that sealed this gift.

Leslie is the kind of martial artist that, in my mind, PAWMA should honour. Not only has she stepped up for the organization, filling obvious roles like being on the board, or coordinating camp; Leslie continues to do behind the scenes work like writing for the newsletter, she comes to play at camp even when she isn’t teaching, and she continues to brainstorm for the good of PAWMA, adding not only ideas, but action for the organizations growth. Leslie says yes to PAWMA because she is a member who cares.

Here is a little of her Martial Arts and PAWMA background and service.

  • 1986: Leslie attended her first PAWMA camp
  • In the late 80’s she created two Women in Martial Arts calendars as a fundraiser for PAWMA (and this was before computers were commonplace).
  • 1987: She served her first term as a PAWMA Board of Directors; and over the years, Leslie has served on the PAWMA board for 3 or 4 terms, mostly as Treasurer. (I had the privilege to serve one term with her and was inspired by her ideas, action and follow through.)
  • She has served as regional rep for PAWMA for countless years.
  • 1988: She received a Black Belt in Shorin Ryu
  • 1991: She received Nidan rank in Shorin Rhu
  • 1999: Coordinated PAWMA camp with Allyson Appen
  • Has taught classes at several PAWMA camps
  • 2012: received a Black Belt in Judo

While athletes in London are striving for the podium – I am happy to say my friend made it. I Salute!

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