Said the spider to the destroyer

September 9th, 2012 by Jan

We’ve all done it, accidentally walked into a spider web. Aggghhhh!

Usually when I do it I think that it must be like a natural disaster for the spider. Something like a having a tornado or earthquake; some serious turmoil for the spider where the end result is the destruction of their home.

I always hope the spider gets away and does not end up in my hair, because once any thing gets in my hair, well you know, that would be more like a kidnapping, lost in the chaos never to be seen again.

Today is the story of me and a spider, one who has chosen to build his web at our gate. The gate that leads to the training field from the patio.

I do not think this is the best place for a web house. But I know people who choose to live in flood plains or in trailer parks in Kansas, so we all make our choices and some of us have to constantly rebuild.

This gate is the neighbourhood Mr. spider is determined to live in. Unfortunately I use this gate just about everyday, sometimes several times.

The first few times I went through it, I didn’t see it until it was too late, I would apologized and kept going. Shit happens. But this persistent spider would just rebuild and the next day I’d destroy it all again. “Sorry” I would mutter, brushing spider web off my hands and face.

It started during the push hands camp and now that I’ve moved my morning practice from the patio to the field, I find I am starting the day with spider web crap all over me everyday.

You would think I’d learn. Everyday this spider rebuilds and everyday I walked through it. I swear this spider spends more time rebuilding than attracting any food that might land in his net, and then again, I open the gate, and ruin his chances and his home again.

Sisyphus has nothing on him.

Today I walked through it again, this time totally conscious of the fact that once again I was destroying his home. It finally dawns on me — no longer am I a natural disaster, now I’m a terrorist.

Maybe tomorrow I will go around.

3 thoughts on “Said the spider to the destroyer

  1. Laur

    Well, your “he” is most likely a “she”. Hope that bit of info doesn’t change your mind much. There’s no such thing as a cute and cuddly spider baby. Cats, not kids, that’s all I can add.


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