A political rant.

September 10th, 2012 by Jan

Where do you get your political news? How did you develop your personal outlook and values? Do you like coke or pepsi? Who among us prefers tea or mountain dew? How did you decide? Who influences your decisions?

These days, a lot of folks get information at church; they are told by their ministers how to think and how to vote. Spiritual food is no longer the only thing on the menu. Politics is in the pulpit. News programs aren’t much help in my opinion either. And the ads, well they are on the other side of cruel and unreasonable.

“I want a tax cut and the stupid Feds are ruining my way of life.” “Abortion is murder and those that help in way facilitate it, should be shot.” “Who will pull the wagon when everyone wants to ride?” And then there’s this bullshit about legitimate rape, or forceable rape, or more to the point, she was wearing a short shirt, so what did she expect?

My mind explodes as I listen to comments like this from people who are just fucking idiots. My personal experience of being raped, and becoming pregnant from that rape, may have something to do with my outrage. Yet, according to some, who may soon be in power, I’m a socialist, commie, pinko, weirdo liberal, slut, atheist. (some of which is true.)

Over the years I’ve listened to people complain about Sam, when he would go off on a political tangent in a tai chi seminar. But, is church, TV, Facebook or local forums any better venue than a tai chi seminar to share or develop ideals or political standings? Where should we go for reasonable information?

They say, birds of a feather, flock together, yet, I live in a country where Steven Harper is leading Canada down a rabbit hole, and the US political race is bat shit wacky. So what flock am I flying with? Or as I like to say, “Where are we going, and why am I in the hand basket?”

Politics and religion are topics I really hate to engage in and yet, dare I stay out of it when I see that my standings as a woman are in danger. I can only imagine what others who don’t share my rights must feel.

I’ll close up this rant with the knowledge that everybody is out of their minds right now.

Everybody, except for me and Ken.

And I have to say, I worry about Ken at times.

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