October 13th, 2015 by Jan

The van is packed. We are driving off the coast early (but not too early) tomorrow morning. *

We are driving to New Mexico with plans to attend my fathers memorial service on the 24th. My brother Art is in charge of the service and all we have to do is show up and class up. We are giving ourselves a lot of time to get there and plan to see some sights and visit some friends along the way.

I love being in the van with Ken. We do road trips well. I’m looking forward to the songs we will sing and sights we will point at. I’m also super excited to have New Mexico green chile on everything, and because we are bring the van, we can take some back home with us.

I also admit, there is a part of me that is not looking forward to being in the U.S. I know, I know… it will all be fine… but, I can’t help my worry that people down there, have guns and aren’t afraid to use them. Our saving grace is that we won’t hang out in schools or fast food restaurants. Still….

Also, being out of Canada on election day up here will either be a really good thing, if nothing changes, BUT, if we actually do get rid of Steven Harper, I’d prefer to be here to join in the happy dance. Oh, Canada! Please, do the next right thing!

I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my brothers. Art and Ty have had to deal with the brunt of dad’s death and I want to support them however I can. It’s funny, but family finally feels important to me. I want to stand with my brothers, to be a part of, and to be seen as “a Hudson kid.”

I’ll do my best to post about our adventure, but no promises. A big part of this trip and our life now, is to take what comes our way and either pay attention to it or not.

*Note to any one out there with any big fat ideas…. We have a house sitter and our neighbours are watching!

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