February 20th, 2015 by Jan

The movies at the theatre here are only shown for three days before a new show comes on. Lesson learned as I missed the one about the guy who knew about everything. Tonight I’m going to the one about the girl who did the walk.

I got the news that my dad was in hospital again for the last two days. He’s been concerned with high blood pressure, but he passed out in the Drs. Office with a pressure of 40/50.

Brother Bill’s wife Carol is having a “celebration of life” for Bill tomorrow, in their home, in Angel Fire, NM. Dad isn’t strong enough to attend, I’m not going either. My brother Art and step-brother Ty will be there and I hope a lot of Bills friends will be there too. I’d love to hear some of the stories they will tell.

Company is coming! This weekend, we will welcome our first overnight visitors in our new home. I can hardly wait to see Marian and Moser. It will be great to catch up, and show them around.

Peet has started to venture outside. I still chaperon him as he explores the parameter of the yard. He does so with super big eye, and he sniffs and sniffs at everything. Then after about a half hour, he comes inside and pees and poops really close to his litter box, then he goes back to sleep for the day.

Ken built some shelves for our living room, and a coat rack for our coats. — they are lovely.

We had free pizza for lunch today, curtesy of the Welcome Wagon.

I got a punch card to the Sechelt Aquatic Centre this week. I’ve taken two exercise classes and spent about an hour in what they call the Lazy River in the kids pool. It was great. I’ll work up to swimming laps. Having a swim teacher for a father did me no good in learning to swim. (Think shoemakers children.) I’m pretty sure I won’t actually drown, but I’m not taking any chances for a while.

The smoke detector has gone off here at least once a week here. It isn’t always because of my cooking. Sometimes the fire Ken builds gets a bit out of hand.

Welcome to the Chinese new year of the Goat, Sheep, or Ram – I’ve heard all three are in use. Doesn’t matter — this is my year and it has already proved to most interesting.

FYI – asking people to send me chocolate was a stroke of genius. Thank you!

Oh, final ramble – I just finished the second book by Jonas Johansson. It was titled, The Girl Who Saved The Life of the King of Sweden. Meh… It was written in the same style as, The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out His Window and Walked Away, but was not near as enjoyable.

One more… the sun set from our deck. sett

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