November 5th, 2019 by Jan

I’ve meant to write something on this bloggy thing for a while now. Mostly, so as not to have my latest political rant as the post that comes up first, if you happen onto the sight.

The challenge is… I must write if I am to post anything. And, writing is hard!

I know, I know… I heard something years ago, about practice making anything easier, but… well… blah, blah… I continue to make every excuse I ever heard.

So, here we go.

I have loads of topics to choose from. Life is so bloggy worthy.

For instances…
Ken and I went to the Maritimes. We had a great trip.
The season turned.
We thought about moving, then decided to stay put.
Company comes and goes, and comes again.
We took the van out for a mere 3 day trip.
I took a felting workshop from the world famous Moy Mackay on Vancouver Island and stayed with friends in a house on a lake.
I flew on the Harbour Air sea plane, and sat in the co-pilot seat.
I’ve made a quilt or two, and gave several more away.
Ken’s made things out of wood, but they are a surprise, so I can’t tell you about them here.
Our health is good.
It seems we did this and then we did that… Our daily routine is comfortable and easy.

I’m not sure where the day goes, but time passes and before you know it, I’m waking up again and thinking it would be a good idea if I wrote!

Then there is MuMu! A dog like her deserves her own bloggy thing! Apparently, I can go on and on about her!

This doggy has made our life better. Everyday, she makes us laugh and adds joy to our world.

As you know, she was a bit chubby when we got her and had a hard time walking.

I am happy to report, she was 34kg when we first got her, and yesterday, she was 28kg! For those of you who think in pounds and not kilos, she was 74 pounds when we got her and today is down to 62! Twelve pounds down! Toot-toot!

Friggen rock star! She is so frisky and happy now. Job well done! She could lose another 3-5 more pounds, but there is no hurry. Looking back — wowza. Good dog!

Here are some before and after shots. On the left with Ken in July. On the right, running free yesterday!







Okay – I’ve rambled and posted.

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