December 10th, 2019 by Jan

I just finished listening to The Dutch House by Ann Patchet.

First off-Tom Hanks is the reader, and because Tom has such a recognizable voice, it was hard to see Danny as a character in his own right. He will always be Tom Hanks to me.

Still, I enjoyed this book. It is the story of a brother and sister and the house they grew up in. It is also about a broken home, an evil step mother, distant father, and while life goes on, marks are made.

I related to this story, as someone whose own family home, was taken over by a step-mother, and I also was forced to leave. I’m always amazed at the unnecessary cruelty and jealousy an adult can have over a child, and also how easy it is to for others to stand by and watch.

The relationship of the siblings is at the heart of this book. I related to this story, because in a strange way, with different details, it was the story of my childhood home, with my brother and I as sole survivors. When all is taken away, we hold tight to those that stay.

Plus, Ann Patchet has yet to disappoint in any of her books.

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