September 8th, 2016 by Jan

We’re on the road in the van and life is good. Well, parts of life is good and other parts have been better, but who cares we are in Montana and watching the sun go down from the swivel seats in the Road Trek.

Boze is a trooper of a traveler, Ken a fine driver and I keep the snacks coming for all of us.

Our first stop was in Kelowna, BC – stayed in the driveway of new friends and practiced guanqifa over looking the Okanagan Lake, watching for Ogopogo. Beautiful.

Last night we stayed outside of Laurie, Washington or some such place. We crossed the border at a very small town and it wasn’t long before we saw our first Trump make American Great Again signs. You could tell without looking this was not our kind of town.

You often hear people say, “Love it or Leave it.” Well, it wasn’t a hard choice for us to make. We were quite happy to leave it.

Hanging out with the open carry, Trump thumping, God Fearing Christians is not my cuppa tea so Q is for Quick – let’s go somewhere warm, and I’m not talking about the weather!

Tonight we are in Garrison, Montana and it just feels better.

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