February 16th, 2015 by Jan

I left the house with a sense of desperation today. I missed most of the yesterdays sunrise because of sleep, and I knew I wasn’t about to miss any part of it today.

From our deck we can see the start of the day, but to get the super good shot, I have to walk to the end of the street to get this view.


Then encouraged from yesterdays walk to down town, I set off for the dirt road. I felt like I was chasing the sunrise the entire way. I was hungry for the beauty and with each step I was shown more and more delight.

As I made my way past the gate that was closed yesterday, but open this morning, I slowed my pace, I took this next photo after climbing onto a clearing surrounded by big rocks. It is a future construction site, and who ever buys the house that will eventually be built there — will have what Ken and I call, a view!
I stood for a moment, and then slowly, and with great gratitude, I started to raise my hands.

I knew right then my practice was back.

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