February 15th, 2015 by Jan

Besides living with a view, one of the main reasons we moved to Sechelt was for the amenities the town has to offer. I wanted to “do stuff.”

This small town has a lot to boast about for a girl from a small island. Sechelt has stores, a rec centres, swimming pool, a skating rink, and such. My cousin from NYC was baffled by our living on Bowen, but now I’m thinking, when she comes to visit, we could impress her.

Today, was the second blue sky day, we’ve had in a row. Oh, my! Spring is nice, no matter where you are, but being able to spend the morning reading on the front deck, looking out at the ocean, with Peet laying in the sun, was especially nice.

I also had two great walks downtown. The first one, I walked along the Highway because I didn’t know another route. I met Ken at a flea market set up by the Legion or some other group. We found a pitch fork that will be nice to turn up the garden space when it is time. Then we drove around exploring. We found a back way to town and the leash free dog park. Moser and Marian are coming to visit next weekend, so now I know where to take them.

Then we discovered a dirt road, that I suspected also went to town, but we couldn’t find out for sure because of the gate. So, later in the afternoon, I took another walk and walked around the barrier. This was a beautiful walk high up, overlooking some super nice views looking west and landed me right down town in only 30 minutes. I doubt I’ll be walking on the Highway again.

While I was in town this afternoon, I went to the senior centre for a movie. Sponsored by the film society, the place was packed. For $5.00 we saw the film, Finding Vivian Miers. What a great film! I highly recommend it. I was captivated the entire time. Even the elderly lady I sat next to who slept and snored through most of it didn’t really bother me.

Ken picked me up when it was over as the walk home would be up hill the entire way. I used to be a homing pigeon, getting dropped off somewhere and making my way home. Living here I will become the opposite. I’ll walk away from home and hope to hell I can get a ride back.

So, a good day was had again. I hope as we settled in for the night tonight that we don’t get shaken or stirred by another earthquake, like we did last night.

We’ve experienced several earthquakes since we’ve been in BC, but last night was the first one that really got my heart racing. There are different reports as to the whereabouts of the epicentre, but I’ll say, it shook me up.

The forecast for the week is more sun, so we are looking forward to exploring more of Sechelt, or… perhaps we will sit on the deck and read, because that’s good too.

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