November 22nd, 2012 by Jan

This is my first US Thanksgiving in a very long time. And the first one I will spend with the Hudsons. Dad and I are headed down to Rio Rancho to be with my half-brother Ty, his wife, Debbie and their son Nate. I last saw Nate the day he took his first steps and today he is at New Mexico State University!

Should be an interesting day.

Debbie is doing all the cooking, our part is to bring the pie.

One of dads neighbours is known to be a pie baker, so it was easy to just ask her for one. Dad ordered a pumpkin pie last week ($20.) and yesterday I asked her for one more (another $20.) as I like pie and was hoping to have a tiny piece before the festivities.

She brought over two beauties.

Around 8:30 last night, dad and I cut into one; just a sliver you know…

YULK… worse pie I’ve ever tasted. No kidding. Dad ate a bit and YULK… worse pie he ever tasted too. I think she forgot to put some ingredients in, like pumpkin and sugar and well, whatever else goes into pumpkin pie!

At 8:50pm and no pie for thanksgiving, we run up to the Smiths grocery store.

Today, we will take as our offering, two $3.00 pies from the store bakery – It’s the best we can do.

Happy US Thanksgiving to everyone.

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