November 23rd, 2012 by Jan

We had what I would call a very traditional US Thanksgiving holiday yesterday.

Dad and I left early and I drove us to Rio Rancho 90 miles away. We spent the day with my brother Ty, his wife Debbie, their son Nate and his girlfriend Megan.

We had the usual gluttony of food, enough for about 30 even though there were only six of us there. Typical and traditional food… weenies wrapped in canned biscuits, ambrosia, green bean casserole (the kind with cream of mushroom soup and those little fried canned onions on top), two kinds of mashed potatoes, mashed squash, canned cranberries, of course turkey and the store bought pie. (See yesterdays post)

If any of that was served at any other time, the turkey would be about the only thing I would probably eat. But put them all together and wow what a feast!

Oh, throw in two football games on a big screen, some people you are related to, and a bowl of peanuts, and we had us a holiday! And a good time was had by all.

It really was a nice day with really nice people.

One thing kind of threw me though, as I flowed though the day and conversations. It was when Ty was pointing out to his son; how his grandmother was an only child, that Ty was an only child, and that Nate was an only child.

This is sticking with me. I didn’t say anything at the time, but for the last 44 years or so, I’ve pretty much always counted Ty as a sibling of mine.

I do clarify with the details of a modern day screwed up families that:
With the same parents, I have two brothers.
With my dad and his wife, I have a half brother
With my mom and her husband I have two sisters and another brother.
I at times claim six siblings.

The point is I’ve always counted each of them as part of my family. I don’t think it matters that we don’t see each other often or that I haven’t even met some of them yet. It was just a little sad to hear, especially when sitting right next to Ty and the father we share, that he thinks of himself as “an only.”

Oh well, it was a nice day.

The trip home was easy. The only distraction on the road, being the incredible and colourful sunset, I could only glance at in the rear view window.

7 thoughts on “familyholiday

  1. Laur

    I believe that your ‘reckoning is right. Sorry for you that Ty is so narrow minded and exclusive. He’s risking his own joy, and Nates’ too, a good lot of Auntie Jan ju-ju. You are family, and please, let Nate know that.

  2. Ty

    I intended no offense by my statement and you have my heart felt apology, I am truly sorry. But, I stand by my statement that my mother was born an only child, I was born an only child and Nathan was born an only child. Of the three and of this posting, I am the only one fortunate to have been blessed with an instant family of a Dad, two brothers and a sister for which I care very much. Sometimes it has only been a small part, but I have always tried to be a part of each of your lives in some way. I am so happy you were able to join us this year and we look forward to the next time. Nathan will always know his favorite Auntie Jan. Love, Ty

    P.S. Laur, that was really harsh, jump to conclusions much!

  3. Jan Post author

    Thanks Ty. It is nice to know that you are reading this. So many years have passed with only thoughts of each other and it is good to be able to spend time together. Born an only is true – stayed an only… nope. Like it or not you are stuck with the likes of a sibling like me! 🙂

    PS, don’t mind Laur. It was a jumpy conclusion.


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