January 19th, 2017 by Jan

Years ago…

There was a very old and very sick man named Harold. Harold was near the end of his life. His doctors sent him home from the hospital and, told him to put his affairs in order.

Harold readied himself to die.

His wife Mary, was a good woman, who loved her husband. Mary took very good care of Harold in his final days.

When she wasn’t at his bedside, Mary like to spend time in the kitchen. She felt it kept her busy, and gave her the time to remember her good life with Harold. Besides, baking gave Mary solace.

One day, knowing Harold was near the end, Mary got out the ingredients to make her famous Salty Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies.

As batch after batch came out of the oven, the smell of ginger and spice began to waft through the house and every room took on the smell of love.

In the back bedroom where Harold lie, the faint aroma gathered in his nose. He stirred and the smell of warm, ginger cookies, baking in the oven, brought back so many wonderful life memories for Harold.

The smell of fresh baked cookies gave Harold new strength.

Harold surprised himself. He rose from his death bed. He shuffled out to the kitchen.

Mary could not believe her eyes. She looked at her husband in wonder.

Oh, Mary,” Harold said, “you made ginger cookies! The aroma is making me feel better, I know having one more of your ginger cookies will give me the strength and courage to go on.”

And as Harold reached for a fresh warm cookie — Mary hit his hand with the wooden spoon and exclaimed, “Hands off !” those are for the funeral”

FYI – I got the recipe from Peter and the story from my dad.


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