May 14th, 2014 by Jan

I tell my dad that it is okay to make plans and if something comes up, to feel free to change said plans.

That piece of advice is hard for him to take. Once he says he will do something or go somewhere — all hell will break loose if he thinks he might actually have to change his plan.

Not me. While, I do believe keeping commitments is important —  I’m able to change plans when it is the right thing to do.

All day today, I’ve watched the clock and in my head imagined where I “should” be instead of where I am.

At 4am – I should have been in a cab heading to the airport from the B&B I should have stayed at last night. At 6am – I should have boarded a plane and headed south. I would have had a short lay over in San Francisco and then at 2:30pm I was going to land in Albuquerque where I had a car reserved. I was going to drive to see Kim tonight for dinner.

What I did today instead of travel, was sleep. Same thing I did yesterday. I moved from the bed to the couch, and in the afternoon I slept on the foamy, on the patio, in the sun.

I feel better than I did yesterday, when I made the call to cancel my trip to New Mexico.

I really wanted to go. Besides seeing Kim, my dad is having a big party for his 89th birthday on Sunday. Everyone will be there — everyone but me.

Oh well, sometimes the right thing to do is cancel plans made. As I spend time imagining what I shoulda/woulda/coulda been doing on this trip – I also imagine how I would feel trying to stay awake and keep a green chile burrito down.

I’ll re-book when I’m strong and healthy again.

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  1. Sue

    That’s a tough lesson to learn. Not the cancelation of plans, but living with the decision afterward! Salute!


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