December 22nd, 2017 by Jan

This last summer, our friends talked us into getting cell phones. When we said we had no use for them, they told us that is exactly what folks said about the horseless carriage, and electric light back in the day. Fine then. We got them.

I admit they are handy, if not super time consuming.

I can now text Ken, when supper is ready. I’m at the ready when anyone plays Words with Friends. I sometimes use the timer, have used the GPS, and if I haul the phone with me, it counts my steps when I go for a walk. I also use the camera, but the one my brother gave me a few years ago, is better – just not easier.

I used the google for a lady at the grocery store yesterday. Neither of us knew the difference between Fancy molassas and Black strap, but now we do. (Thanks Alegra!)

I’m not convinced we are getting our moneys worth, but we are in it for a two year contract. Plus now we are great friends with the employees at the Telus store now.

Around the same time we got the phones, our friends also signed us up for Netfliks. Again, catching us up with the rest of the world.

And again, what I find, is Netfliks is super time consuming.

Netfliks consumes my time, not because I get sucked into binge watching a series or anything. I get sucked into looking for something good to watch. I spend more time scanning the menu than on any show. After a while, I give up and go back to watching TV recordings of Perry Mason, cooking shows, or my good old fall back, Say Yes, to the Dress, (don’t ask or judge)

So far on Netflicks, I’ve watched The Crown and enjoyed it. I’ve seen Frankie and Grace, and some of cooking documentaries about Chefs. But, really — all the hot and trending shows are not my style, and like I said, I spend more time looking at the Netflick menu than on any real entertainment.

I can’t handle the violence that popular shows make common. I’m not a fan of sci-fi and murder is not entertaining to me. Okay, I like Miss Fisher, and Murdock – but they are on regular TV, so I’m caught up.

Netflicks is much cheaper than our cell phones are though, so I figure if we watch at least one movie a month it will be worth it. So far, I’m still not convinced.

I’m open to suggestions…
My caveat — no guns, violence, war, or mans inhumanity to man shows. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum —nothing as mindless as watching a dysfunctional family cope, or Say Yes to the Dress either.

Still, I’m open, sort of.

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