December 23rd, 2017 by Jan

We are about to enter the holiday zone.

Ken and I held out pretty well this year. We didn’t peak early and have plenty of steam for all the shenanigans to come.

First off… company is coming. A lot of it!

Company starts arriving tomorrow and throughout the next 10 days, we will have to wash the guest room sheets three, maybe four times, as company comes and goes.

All are welcome. All will be fed!

And if having a house full of friends coming and going isn’t enough, we signed up to cook for the shelter in Sechelt on Boxing Day!

Cooking for the shelter is not new. We’ve been doing it once a month for a while now. I have the process down. Still, I wasn’t planning a holiday cook for them, but the call went out that no one in the community had signed up to cook for Boxing Day. So, what the heck.

In the words of my brother Art, “You can do it!”

I figure even though we’ll have a house full folks – I’ll be in the kitchen anyway, so why not put together another meal for 20 while I’m at it?

I’ve always said, I’m sorry we need to cook for the homeless and I’m so grateful we are able.

I’m also so very grateful to be able to host a plethora of friends. If your are in the neighbourhood — drop by. As the saying goes… the more the merrier!

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