September 29th, 2013 by Jan

My favourite time of day while I’m in New Mexico is just before sunrise.

The first thing I do is look out the window to see if there are any clouds. If the answer is yes, I rise right up and get out the door excited, because I know the sunrise will be fantastic. If all I can see are the last stars of the night, I take a little time before heading out. I go no matter what the weather is. Mornings are the perfect time for me to practice and enjoy a little quiet and alone time as the day begins.

Today was a cloudless morning, and I knew the sunrise would not be spectacular with colour.

I went down by the LA airport knowing that on Sunday morning, no one would be coming or going at that early hour. Perfect alone time. I took a short path that leads to an overlook. It’s just one of many great places I go for this ritual. And, as I walked the path in the still dark hours, I thought about how great it was to not be afraid. To be able to walk in the woods, in the quiet, by myself and have no threats to worry about.

Then I heard the coyote.

It was in the distance so I wasn’t too concerned, but my senses heighten, and I remembered my brother telling me that a bear tore up the garbage can at the house last week. Before I got to my spot, an owl hooted as I passed a tree, and the rustle of a horny toad scrambled in front of me on the path.

I maybe by myself each morning, but I am not alone!

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