September 30th, 2013 by Jan

Years ago Ken and I were in Valentine, NE visiting his folks. We caught each others eye, the way couples do knowing that at least one person in the room is on your side, when the conversation turned towards the numbers.
We sat quietly smiling as Uncles, Aunts and parents talked about peoples pants size. “Well, Keith wears a 34/32 and Harry wears a 32/34! John is a 34/34 and Clare is 33/30.” Then, without a hitch the conversation went to Highway numbers. “Did you take the 14 and then south on 253?” “No, we take 154 and then to 25.”

On and on they went talking all about the numbers. Today’s temp — 75, but they predict 80, yesterdays 88, but in the morning 42.

Being at my dad’s house, the numbers are a huge topic as well. Only they are health numbers. Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen and PSA numbers are called out loud and often, like baseball scores, (which by the way are also talked about, along with football). Peoples age seem to be important as well. Roger is 92, Bun will be 90 in December. Dad acts surprised when he hears I am 58.

Life by the numbers. I suppose it is one way to measure a day. Here’s to counting the days before I go home!

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