May 9th, 2017 by Jan

I’m on Bowen Island. I’m dog sitting Moser while Marian goes on her own adventure.

I’ve not told a lot of people I’m here. I’m taking a bit of a quiet retreat. My plan is to walk, read, and nap. Basically, my plan is not to engage with too many humans.

Super early this morning, Moser and I took a long walk on the mountain side of Cape Roger Curtis. We wandered in the bush, both on trails and bushwhacking our own.

It is nice knowing there are no bears, or cougars on the island. I did smell skunk and that was a Bowen first for me, but it’s a delight knowing we could go anywhere we want to. The only real risk out there, would be in falling and hurting something important, or maybe bringing home a tick.

I started walking the cape when we first moved to Bowen in 1996, it was really different from what it is today. Yet, even with the changes, it is still one of the most beautiful places in the world to be.

When developers came knocking on the door at the cape, there were a few years my heart could not take being out there. Too many trees cut down, and too many roads created and paved over. But when I became hiking buddies with Sue, she got me going again.

Sue and I would go for what I called, “forced marches!” Sue was fearless, and we were rarely on a trail. She would picked a direction (usually up hill) and hiked. I’d follow her, whining the entire way!

I’m not sure when I quit whining, but I did start hiking the cape, almost every day. Sometimes I was with Sue, but often I went on my own. I have Sue to thank for encouraging me to be brave enough to blaze trails of my own.

I won’t say I’ve ever been lost on the cape — but, I have been confused, as to which way I should go next. Lucky for me, It didn’t matter, because I always knew I was safe and I always made it home.

The development is still heartbreaking, but to their credit, they also developed some terrific trails there as well. And because so many trees have been cut, the views have really opened up, and because not many of the zillion dollar lots have sold — there are loads of places to explore.

Out walking today — my main thought was how much I missed being in the woods alone. It was great breathing deeply, feeling my legs work, but most of all, feeling safe. I never once had to worry about rounding a corner and meet a mama and her cubs.

I have no regrets about moving to Sechelt. I love it there. There are loads of great hikes and trails to explore on the coast as well. I’ve been on many, just not alone. There are too many bears, cougars and critters on the coast  that hiking alone, is not a safe option.

So, instead of writing any more about this,I think Moser and I will head out to the cape again.

But first, we need a little snack.

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