May 10th, 2017 by Jan

“Are you keeping track?”
“Did you write it down? Do you see a pattern?”

It is no secret I’ve had head trouble this year.

I had a reprieve of symptoms for almost 3 months, but then the headaches and thump came back.


“Maybe it is the air pressure — why don’t you start a chart?” “Keep track of the good days — and notice the bad ones, maybe you can figure this out.”

Now, I love a chart. I have notebooks galore! But… I admit that a few days into recording the barometric pressure the readings of 102.4, 102.1, 101.6 to 101. Means nothing to me.

My dad used to joked – 2 plus 2 is 4 – What’s a 4?

I’ve run the gauntlet of western medicine and the good news is, they can tell me what I don’t have. No cancers, no tumour. The rest is a big fat question mark and a “keep me posted”. At least that is covered by our MSP.

Monica was the most help. She even gave me some possible answers and tagged my troubles to the local dentist here. Her hands are so smart, healing, and convincing. She helped. The problem is Monica and I live in different towns and we take an 11 hour trip to see her. The trips are worth it, but …

Patrick is on the coast also has smart hands too — he helps. I continue to see him on a regular basis.

I saw a chiropractor for some really intense treatments — meh

I saw a natural-path — she helped, as did the homeopathic remedies she prescribed. Cranial sacral treatments help. Melt helps.

A lot of treatments help, and I’m grateful for them.
What I want though, is to feel clear. I want a cure. I want this done.

I watch everything now — maybe coffee is the culprit, sugar, or wheat. Do I need more exercise, qigong, tai chi or aerobics? How about popping an Advil? I’ve been offered, and said no to steroids and anti-psychotics. I was told not to drink booze or eat fried foods.

I did say no to a few things. I’m not doing the fungi cleanse or the coffee enema that was suggested.

“Are you keeping track? Do you have a record?”

Now, acupuncture. I found a traditional one. She is very good, and has flat out said, she can help, and that it won’t be cheap. She also said Chinese torture will be involved. (Her words) She has said, my qi is very low, blames my leg injury from years ago and also feels the dentist exacerbated it. I’m in, even though the “torture” part scares me.

Some days are much better than others, that’s for sure. Still, I’ve yet to have a super clear or clean day in almost a year now.

Ken says my progress towards well being is gradual, but true.

I think he keeps track better than I do.

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