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May 27th, 2012 by Jan

I have been having clandestine meetings. Shhhhh….. Okay by the time you read this – the cat will be out of the bag. I am just one hour away from surprising my best friend Sandie in New York City!

As I write this I am in the Pasticceria Bruno in Greenwich Village, the display case of pastries is incredible and the big banner bragging that they beat Bobby Flay in a Cannoli throw-down just goes to show, you never know. This place is a tiny little hole of a place and it is booming with action.

I’m early for the surprise – no surprise there! We are meeting at an Indian restaurant at noon and I’m about two blocks away. So exciting!

I flew in late last night and stayed at a hotel near the airport, this morning after about 4 hours of restless sleep, I took the train to Penn Station with a woman I met named Sylvia. Sylvia is from Brooklyn, used to dance with the Alvin Aley dance co. She told me about several dance shows to go to while we are here and well, you know I like the shows in the city!

Joe and I have had a lot of fun keeping this secret and let me tell you, it has not been easy. I’m a bit of a blabber mouth and Sandie and I talk every week – about everything! (Except the last few weeks I’ve had to keep my mouth shut.)

Surprises are great and even though it hasn’t happened yet – in less than an hour – I get the great joy of seeing Sandie celebrate! I will be celebrating too.

No internet where we are staying. So I’ll write this and hope we find a library today – but may go the week without the world wide web and posting and facebook and feeling like I am connected… yikes – that will be different!

It will also be just fine as long as I haven’t cause anyone to worry – I can put the computer away and take in the sites. (And it will be weird)

Everything worked out great! The surprise was perfect! Sandie was blown away. We met on the street – and she said – “There’s Jan.” “There’s Jan.” “There’s Jan!” Joe and I were very proud of ourselves — we really pulled it off. And the best part was how within minutes, we all just fell into the way it should be after that; as if everything was exactly the way it should be. We ordered food to go and ate in a park and took up as if we knew each other our entire lives! So great!

The run down of Friday… Ate Indian food – came back to the apt and had a much needed nap – went for a walk, bought shoes, had dinner at a 5star place with Sandie’s friends, kids who are 30 something and “into” wine. Then off to Broadway-Saw Porgy and Bess! OMG! So great. Then walked home from 46th St. to our place in the village. It is hot and muggy here and just perfect – except for no internet.

Saturday’s report – A cheese slice for breakfast around noon – found internet and coffee after that. (We will do a morning check in, but I may not post here every day.) The New York Ballet in the afternoon, dinner at Bolud Sud – 5 star fine dinning. Fix Price for appetizer, entrée and desert. Our clan eats family style and we love it! Then off to the theatre for Once – Once won 11 Tony nominations. I see why. Then of course because it was still “early” and we enjoy a “spartan” lifestyle in the city – we went to Dizzy’s for after hours jazz. Walked home from Columbus Circle to the Village, (about 60 blocks) Loved it!

I say I want a slower trip – but there is just so much, it’s hard to say no and miss out. Joe did say we would “do less” and so today is a somewhat free day with the first show scheduled for 5pm. Sandie and I will spend some time walking and looking in windows at shoes and stuff.

No promises of daily postings while I’m here – life without internet is different for me and I kinda like the freedom.

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