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May 28th, 2012 by Jan

Vocca People
The show was in a small theatre – the cast was eight people wearing all white, head to toe, including white face paint. All very different in size and shape and all very talented.

They were a little ET come home, but more like Bobby Mcfarrin on steroids, cloned eight times. The poster said, “Blue man meets Glee”.

It was wonderful. ALL of the sounds were human made, and for the life of me, I don’t know how anyone makes the sound of a symbols crashing or a beat box, or.. or.. or… One guy held the mic to his nose most of the time!

Such talent, humour and entertainment. Yes ma’am. This is what I love about NYC. This and Katz’s Deli for Ruben’s and long city walks with my best girlfriend, and sunsets at the pier and taxi rides and music and pizza and….

1 thought on “another day – another too much

  1. Jenny

    Savor it all, Jan, and give Sandie and Joe a big hug from us enjoying life in the slow lane on Bowen Bay. A pair of hooded mergansers shared the bay with us as we took a brief swim, much to the surprise of a van load of tourists from the mainland. “Islanders,” they must think, “What an odd bunch.”

    Safe and joyful travels!


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