Moon chasing

May 6th, 2012 by Jan

I love me some moon and was very excited about seeing the super moon of 2012.

I went outside looking for it several times in the evening. At first it wasn’t even dark outside, (probably because of the moon) but still, I couldn’t find the moon anywhere. We live on the other side of the mountain on Bowen, and the moon has to rise pretty high to get to our place. Usually we notice the moon when it shines bright into our bedroom window well after midnight.

It being Saturday night and knowing I could sleep in this morning, I decided to go moon chasing. I jumped in the car and headed up Sunset Rd. out towards the golf course. Sure enough as I climbed higher and higher up the hill, around one more corner, there she shone. I pulled over, got out and watched. It wasn’t long before another car pulled in behind me and another lone driver got out and watched too. I took that as my clue to move on, this small island is big enough for us all to have own spot to watch the super moon. I drove a little further on the road, towards La Luna.

Now, yes, it was a big full moon — but from my vantage point, it didn’t look any bigger than any of the full moons I chase. One day I’d like to see the moon rise from the Serengeti Desert or some other place where it takes up the entire sky.

Less than an hour later, I came home, went to bed, but fussed about. I had the feeling that I was still missing something special and though I do miss a lot of things in life – this particular moon was something I wanted to really fill up on. So at 3:00 a.m. I stood on the patio. Yes, ma’am. This big moon finally made it to our side of the rock, gracing Tunstall Blvd. with her full face.

I tried to take photos — but the ipod touch camera just isn’t a Nikon. I clicked a few photos — stood in the bright a little longer, then went back to bed. My moon chasing adventure over.

But as I entered my simmering state, I thought I should have taken photos of the moon shadows and not the moon. The shadows that big moon cast were incredible.

This morning Peet didn’t notice how late I was up and still wanted food at the regular early morning time. There was still food in his dish, so I pointed at it. He sniffed my finger. And once again I remember the great lesson of life.

The finger is not the moon.

1 thought on “Moon chasing

  1. Laura B

    Oh, Jan, this gave me such a big smile. Thank you!

    p.s. my grandkids told me, so sincerely as only 3-year-olds can, that the moon grows and grows and when it’s as big as it can be, it becomes “la lune”.


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