March 25th, 2017 by Jan

Learning to cook has been a fun challenge for me.

What I find super fun though, is discovering all the much needed, kitchen accessories that make cooking easier.

Martha Stewart makes it very clear — the right tool is needed for the right job. For example she swears by a lemon squeezer and says no kitchen is complete without it.

I admit I am a sucker for most things kitchen — but my old fashion, hand held, juicer, squeezie thing, works just fine. So I’ve not rushed to the store for that Martha must have. Yet.

Years ago — (there it is) before I even dreamed of cooking a meal – I was fascinated by the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Oh, how I wanted one on my counter. Not that I would use it, but that it just looked so cool. The problem was these things are mighty expensive and as a non-cook, I wasn’t about to spend the dough to make the dough, so to speak.

Then, one day, Jim shows up, with a beautiful Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, for me!

Best present ever!

He saw it at a yard sale, and knew of my dream. Jim is generous in making dreams come true. This was a fine gift.

The stand mixer took its place on my kitchen counter, and stood there for years. It looked so cool.

Then — slowly — I began to use it.

First I made a cake, then some cookies. I made bread!
Fan-fucking-tastic! This thing not only looks cool – it works!

Today, I spend quality time in the kitchen, and the stand mixer has become my go-to appliance.

I make bread on a regular basis now, and that mixer is the bomb!

Now, when I say bomb, I mean it. Because, when I add the final cups of bread flour to the bowl — flour flies —  every where!*  The flour explodes, out of the bowl, and the dough hook turns, the counter top, floor, and I get covered with flour. *Side note: I make bread on Wednesdays because Patti comes to clean the house on Thursdays and usually there is a heck of a mess for her.

The other day I notice Martha Stewart has a pour guard on her stand mixer. Hmmmmmm.

I start to do some research. I find that the stand mixer Jim gave me was made in 1969! There are several attachments still made for it, and low and behold, London Drug in Gibsons has them on sale!

Ken and I call road trip!

Yesterday, I came home with a beautiful pour guard for my mixing bowl! I also went a little nutty and bought a larger bowl for the thing as well.

It’s Saturday, and I’m feeling courageous. I think I’ll make cinnamon rolls.

I’m hoping Martha is correct, and this right tool will keep most of the flour in the bowl.

Thanks again Jim. I love this mixer! It is almost 50 years old, and not only looks cool on the counter, it works just fine!


I must say, my kitchen is pretty tricked out now — even without one of those lemon squeezie thing.

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  1. Jim

    In my mind…the mixer was red. Good to know it works, though – I’m not sure either one of us ever tested it :).


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