March 27th, 2017 by Jan

I’m reading A Room of Her Own by Virginia Woolf.

Published in 1929 – this book makes me think, and I like that in a book.

Woolf was asked to talk about “Women in Fiction” and concludes, that the best way to have more women in fiction, and in any other place for that matter, is that — a woman must have money and a room of her own.

Basically, she must not be beholden to others in order to create.

How does a women find time, resources, or space to write anything, if they are not educated and opportunity is withheld? Historically, marriage, children, household chores, and being told of their place in society, hinders a woman’s pocketbook, and creativity.

I’ve always said, we must support our poets and artists, or we can count on two things:
1. We will not have poems or art, or
2. We will have shitty poems and crappy art.

If there is no opportunity, money, place, or support, there will be no great works, much less a strong voice.

The ways of the world, and women, have changed since Virginia Woolf wrote this book, but not really.

This week, we saw the photo of a room full, of white men, discussing women’s health. I mean really. Women it seems, are still not welcomed in the room, no wonder they need a room of ones own.

I admire the women who step up. Those, who instead of finding themselves in a hand-basket; wondering where they are going — are doing this!

imageI not only admire — I fully support.
I Salute you Michelle!
Go get’em!

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