January 13th, 2019 by Jan

Years ago, Greg Phillips and I, got in a car together. We drove 10 hours to Golden, BC. for a tai chi workshop.

I remember only two things about that trip — the first was Greg was wearing shorts, and a bee flew in the window, and stung him on his inner thigh, while he was driving. It’s a miracle we are still alive.

The other thing I remember, was arriving at the camp, and someone saying, “We were worried, with Greg’s sense of timing and your sense of direction, we figured you’d be half way to Yukon by now!”

It was funny, because it was true.

I know the difference between left and right in some situations. But, ask me to face east or point north, (if I’m not standing in my kitchen) and you might as well ask me to solve a complex math problem. It’s not going to happen.

BUT… mark my words, that’s going to change this year!

Yesterday, while out hiking alone in the bush, I had to call Ken and ask him where I was.

I had a general idea, was totally safe, and I knew, I could always turn around and retrace my steps back to the car. However, I had a “plan” yesterday and wasn’t that far into it.

What I didn’t know at the time, was I had missed the turn off to trail I planned to take, and unexpectedly, came out on a logging road.

The trail map was at home, and I knew Ken could look at it, and tell me which way to go.

The only problem with that, was I wasn’t where I thought I was. So, his directions didn’t make any sense to me. After a bit of wandering, I retraced my steps, and came back home.

I still had a fabulous hike, it was a beautiful day, and when I got home, Ken had a “little gift” ready for me.

A compass.

My brain automatically went into math mode and shut down.

Then I woke up. I know with lessons and practice, a person can learn almost anything. So, I’m setting my sights on learning to read a compass.

I know I can do this.
Wish me luck!

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