September 18th, 2015 by Jan

I have the best dreams for the most part. I enjoy the dreams that come in my sleep. Most of the time I wake from them happy. I do my best to write down a dream or tell it to someone, because if I don’t — it is gone.

I do not think I am alone with this phenomenon. Dreams – can be weird or wonderful, and while some people make a study out of them. I don’t. I don’t usually look for meaning; only entertainment.

I used to have tai chi dreams all the time. I believe I learned some good lessons in my sleep — especially in push hands. Go figure.

The other night I had one such dream. I’m writing about it, because unlike most all my dreams, the feelings this one gave me, have lasted. I am still comforted by the dream on a physical and emotional level and I could not be happier.

The drama in New Mexico continues. For a while there I was getting email after email or phone call after phone call from people I don’t know, who were all in our business about the what, where and why fore of putting dad’s life away.

There are some problems that were unforeseen, but Art and Ty are on it and will solve them. I don’t have to concern myself with it all. I can stay up here in the frozen north, and do my best to provide support to my brothers as best I can.

But… I was getting all chewed up inside with the “others” who well meaning or not, are having a field day. It was hard not to engage and stay classy.

The other night in my dream…

My teacher Sam came for a visit. In the dream, he dropped in on a class I was teaching in the training field on Bowen Island. He came mostly to provide comfort and condolences on dad’s death.

When I started to tell him of the hub bub – Sam raised his hand, palm out. “Stop, Jan” he said, “Don’t get caught in the drama — that isn’t who you are.”

I had an overwhelming sense of peace wash over me. This feeling has continued to stay with me. I realize, I’m okay.

Once again, I’m grateful. Sam has always been able to find and hold my centre. Especially when I have trouble staying in my legs.

Now though, I feel I’ve reclaimed my centre. I’m able to step back from the side show that is going on down south. Today, instead of engaging in what is not my business, I am able to think of some of the good times and enjoy some of the positive memories I had with my dad.

It doesn’t matter to me how lessons come. What matters is that I learn.

FYI — I don’t do drama. It’s not who I am.

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