Leaving Vegas

September 22nd, 2012 by Jan

I’m up $10. I credit Jim’s good advice, plus I switched to poker.

Vegas is not my cuppa tea that is for sure and yet, this has had its moments. Lots of people watching and a few arguments with my Uncle Bob about politics.

Tonight we went to Brad Garrents Comedy club. I was really hoping to laugh hard and loud. It wasn’t to be. I guess when I think of comedy I think of a stand up comic telling jokes. Didn’t get it.

Traveling with three people in their 80s, we tend to arrive early where ever we are going. We were some of the first people to the show. The guy seating us, put us in the middle of the room. We wanted to sit up front, but he said it was the “combat zone” — then I watched as he choose who would sit where.

The Asian family, two African-Americans and a very clean cut family from Wisconsin were all seated up front. These were the targets for the night. So instead of jokes, we listened to this famous comic trash the people who just paid a boat load of money to see him.

Sorry, but this is not funny to me. I guess we got the “good seats” after all, but next time (did I say that?) Next time, I know what not to do in Vegas!

Off to New Mexico soon; land of green Chili and brothers.


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