September 21st, 2012 by Jan

In the top 10 shows or events I’ve ever seen, last nights show, KA is in the top 2 for sure.

Cirque Du Soleil – has 4 shows going on in Vegas and we chose KA, because it had a martial arts story line in it. I’ve also learned to get the best seats you can afford for any show. Entertainment like this is no place to cheap out. (Especially when dad is buying!)

So, third row centre and for 90 minutes — my mouth was open and my hand on my chest. Holy moly! Holy Moly!

The stage was mobile and a lot of the show was preformed on a vertical stage. Think Plinko from the Price is Right and now put people dancing, fighting and loving instead of coins falling. Throw in a ship wreck and a bone crushing machine, a turtle and some drums. Incredible. The aerial gymnastics, the spear vs. Sabre, rope work, a guy on a huge hamster like wheel; running and jumping in, around and on top of it.… Wow and wow, oh and they shot a shit load of arrows with cross bows as well.

My heart is racing even now as I remember it all.

Las Vegas is nutty, excess, bells and whistles are everywhere. And the shows! Wow is the only word I can think that is almost big enough.

Tonight we are going to a comedy club, oh and I’m $40. down in the slots.

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