July 11th, 2015 by Jan

“It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.” —Krishnamurti

Subjective Well-being (SWB) is a term psychologist use to measure how individuals and whole societies are doing.

To be well in hard times is not always appropriate.

People should be sad in sad times. And right now, I am so very sad.

I also know that as an addict – I can wallow in my sadness — not only wallow, but go deeper into it, and in no time, make it all about me. I can forget all the reasons I’m sad, and just stay sad.

But, as a teacher and practitioner – I’ve learned again, and again, that what ever I’m feeling right now, will change.  Drama, trauma, joys and celebrations are constant.

For me, the practice of tai chi, qigong, and going for long walks are what shift not only my physicality, but my mental, and emotional state.

And that is why… sometimes I choose not to practice. Sometimes I want to wallow in sadness.

Sometimes, I don’t want to move on.

The hardest part of any practice for me is the stepping into it —
especially when I know it will help.

2 thoughts on “knowinganddoingaredifferent

  1. Sue

    I know just what you mean. Especially the last comment. The first step, or breath, or note is the hardest.


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