July 12th, 2015 by Jan

Me, me, me, me… It seems all I talk about is me.

I truly appreciate all the support, friendship, and love that has come my way this last month. It would have been unbearable without you who listened and loved me, as I ranted, raged and cried.

It has been rough. Thank you!

And now…enough… bring on the turn around. Yang needs to fold back on itself.

Today, not only do I want to, and need to — most importantly — I am ready to, raise my head, open my heart, and look outward.

Enough about me. How are you?

4 thoughts on “enoughaboutme

  1. Sheila

    Love Jim’s comment!! 🙂 I am extremely happy to report James is eating and will be out of the hospital tomorrow after 70 days of yuck. Mom’s funeral next Saturday with lots of family and home baking. It will be hard but ok too. Large family birthday party for Rob with all grandchildren present the week after that. We carry on and rejoice when we can. Love to you!


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