February 5th, 2014 by Jan

Since Cricket died we do not have fair warning when someone comes to the door. So, Ken and I were both very surprised when we heard a knock at the door last night. The other part of the surprise is that it was after 9pm and truth be told, I was just this side of going to bed for the night.

But, a knock we heard and we both went to see who it was.

My friend Sue stood at the door, wearing a headlamp, and a big smile.

She handed me a present.

Hot pink, fancy dancy, walking poles!

I had been telling Ken I was going to start looking for a pair and I didn’t have to look very far.

I’ve been a walker most of my life. I like walking, and I know my walking experience just changed big time.

Last November I started “a two a day” walk. Every morning and every evening, I walk to the top of White Sails and back — it takes me 20 minutes. I walk fast and with purpose and feel satisfied about my daily exercise with these walks. On weekend, I take a longer walk or what I like to call forced marches. Sue and I are enjoying these weekend walks together. We’re usually out and about for a couple of hours. Sue uses walking poles. I huff and puff and whine and complain about the fact that we are always going up some hill!

This morning, I used the walking poles for my morning fast walk. Holy moly…. Everything was different. Walks will never be the same because of these poles. It was like cross country skiing – I was off like a bandit. My back and arm muscles engaged and co-ordinated with my leg and foot work. At times, I really felt like I could not hold myself back, I wasn’t just walking, I was moving!

Who knew that using a couple of poles would make such a big difference!

I guess Sue knew!

I thank her for her generosity and for knocking on our door last night. Forced marches will never be the same.

PS, If you have been thinking about surprising someone with something — let me encourage you. Go knock on their door!

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