November 5th, 2014 by Jan

The last time Bowen had an election was the first time I ever spoiled a ballet.

There were no candidates I could vote for and I didn’t want to vote against. So I stood in line and spoiled my ballet. I at least wanted to participate, even though I found the choice I was given too sour to swallow.

Today, I’m going in to advance vote. Election day is the 15th, but the Roughriders will be here and I don’t want to be split in my attention.

Also, I’m going in today so as cement my choice. This way, I don’t have to deal with folks knocking on my door or car windows. I can turn off the whoo-ha.  I’ll take great joy in saying, “Gee, I wish I knew that, before I voted.” Ha-Ha-Ha!!

The good news, is there are people running that I actually consider great candidates. Several who I’d be delighted to see serve this island. Of course, the cast of characters on this ballot range from full on total wackos, to the strong and decisive leaders we need.

Personally, I hope we get the mix Bowen deserves.

Today, I voted. We won’t know the result for 10 days, and now I can think of other stuff.


And now for today’s numbers.
12,895 steps taken
1662 words written

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