October 24th, 2015 by Jan

The day was good. The service was lovely, the speakers said what I knew they would say, everyone that is except for my brother Art.

He once again blew me away with class and courage.

Art organized the entire service, from renting the lodge, hiring the caterer, making the programs, and getting the speakers. He also MC’d and took his place as our family patriarch.

The best was when he told us about a movie from long ago and he named the stars in the show and I need to get the details from him again, but he reminded us that  “we can say we walked with giants.”

Dad was big. In personality and community. So was Bun Ryan and Lou Perroitti – all peers of dads that passed this year as well.

It was an incredible speech and I was so very proud to be his sister.

The other really best part of the day for me was when I turned around and saw Sarah Rochester. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged anyone so tight or was so happy to see anyone in such a long time.

Sarah was one of my mothers dear and long time friends. She told me, she came to the service for me and for Alice. Sarah is one of the very few who know our truth.

It was just the best.

When people tell you they have your back — you better believe it! I am grateful so many had mine.

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  1. Karen

    As I understand it, a patriarch is a man who exercises authority as a pater familias (over an extended family).

    The system of such rule of families by senior males is termed “patriarchy”.

    As much as I love Art, he is not the patriarch


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