May 2nd, 2017 by Jan

Taking advice is hard. Yet, there are times I just need to open a blank page and get started.

I like to participate. So, when a few days go by and I don’t participate; even I miss this bloggy thing.

As spring tries in vain to come to the coast, I’m in the sewing room, cutting up fabric and madly sewing it all together again.

As I sew, I’m listening to the book, My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk.

This book is one I will check off my 2017 reading list, as a book that has been translated from another language.

The book is complicated. And it is certainly as bright and jarring as the quilt I’m working on.

Yet, the more time I spend with the book and the fabric, I’m moving from, what the hell… and how horrible… to WOW.

Both are complicated. Both are hard to follow. Neither is my usual, or my preference in colour or tone. Yet this quilt, and that book are fast becoming personal favourites.

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