February 11th, 2013 by Jan

I read my horoscope on line each mornings and I then promptly forget whatever it says. I rarely read a horoscope out of the paper, I look at them on-line. I like the one written by Bowen’s own Georgia Nichols and often I will read Rob Brezsny and then I move on.

My dad is an avid news junkie though and two different newspapers are tossed toward his door every morning. Sometimes the papers hit the porch, but usually, on my way out to sunrise service, I find them in the flower bed, behind a tree or in the driveway. I collect them and put them on the table in kitchen with a glass of water, ready for when dad gets up and starts his day. Rarely do I share time reading the paper with him. We disagree on basic politics and besides I am not a news hound, especially here in a home where FOX news, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Rielly are welcomed fixtures.

For some reason today, I scanned the paper and read my horoscope. I don’t know who wrote it — but for Taurus it said, “Remember, acting with maturity and patience will bring you more happiness than expecting others to cater to your needs.”

WTF? What the hell kind of Horoscope is that? Then I remembered I am NOT the only Taurus in this household. I’m just visiting, so I’m pretty sure that wasn’t meant for me! ☺

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