February 10th, 2013 by Jan

I met my friend Felix and Carlyn for lunch in Santa Fe today. It was a nice break to get off the hill and to have a fabulous chat with two awesome women.

On my way back to Dodge, I hit a Trader Joes for some groceries. In the parking lot I saw a woman wearing a Hudson Bay coat. I asked her if she was Canadian.

No, she answered, she said she was just lucky. Nice friendly answer, I thought. Then as she walked away, she said, “I’ll tell you a boot it sometime.”

Granted I’ve only lived in Canada since 1996 – so I am a relative new comer and an immigrant at that. But it is my experience that Canadians do not say, a boot. They just don’t. Some people do have accents; most don’t, but when I hear Canadians speak, they all say about — about the same way I do.

3 thoughts on “aboottothehead

  1. Jenny

    This post had a better outcome than expected. Knowing you and your wild-woman grappling history, I fully expected to read about a mishap with a foot to the face.

    Glad you’re keepin’ your wits about you, or at least your boots on your feet, your feet on the ground, and your head in the clouds!

  2. Laura B

    I had a San Francisco cable-car brake operator tell me once that he could tell I was Canadian because “I can hear the CBC in your speech”.

    I don’t say aboot either. I don’t know where that comes from, but it does seem that the main difference in how people sound comes from how they sound their vowels, so maybe there’s something I’m just not hearing.


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