September 22nd, 2015 by Jan

The phone rang late last night.

Neither Ken nor I thought to get up to answer it. The call we have been expecting, came. I knew, there was no reason for anyone to call us in the night.

I’m so glad I did not answer it.
The message that was left this morning was from a reporter with The Globe and Mail newspaper. He wanted a comment.

I’m so glad I did not answer the phone. I have no comment – I have no words.

My friend has been abducted by terrorists in the Philippines. No shit!

They don’t yet know who did this or why. Apparently he was parked on his boat in a marina when, at night, he heard something outside, went to investigate, and was taken with three others at that time.


I’m hoping that if a reporter can find my connection to my friend, as well as my phone number and email address, as fast as he did — then, whoever the good guys are here… please may they make for a safe and speedy resolution to this horrible news.

2 thoughts on “horriblenews

  1. LauraB

    Jan, all I can say is to echo your OMG! WTF! Life seems to have been giving you a lot to deal with in the past few weeks. These are the times when having a practice can help you stay grounded. I am thinking of you, sending you love and good energy.



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