March 11th, 2014 by Jan

I thought it would be good to give another hoard report as I am making progress. Again.

The topic this time is linens. Table cloths, napkins, table runners and placemats!

When Sandie and I were going through my moms stuff, we often thought, whispered, and at times, shouted out loud, “What the fuck Alice?” Especially when we opened another box of linen table cloths.

Here again, I wish I had the number of boxes we sorted. Then I wish I had the number of the boxes, that for some reason, I found necessary to bring home. Let’s just say it was more than you are thinking.

Over the years, I’ve culled said linens. I’ve used some, given away a lot, sold or donated a box or two, and I even cut up and re-purposed some of them. I made a lovely pair of PJ’s out of the most exquisite linen napkins. I would love to make more soft and flowing clothes, but am not great at that type of sewing. A lady in MN made a pair of pants using one of the tablecloths years ago and I love ‘em. I confess, I hope that what I continue to keep will end up as clothing someday.

For the most part, time has been the best sorter of this hoard. Over the years, I open a box or two and say, WTF? Then, create a bag that goes elsewhere. Time changes the memory and attachment of my mothers hoard. I am reminded that what was important to her, is not important to me. Her memory for me does not live in her stuff and yet, when I see her hand embroider work, and all the lace of the past – I remember.

Over the weekend, I am happy to report, the linen hoard is down again. Right now I only have one box that I am keeping, and it is a small one at that.

Several tablecloths, some napkins and yes, ALL the doilies and lace went out the door this weekend. I feel very productive and a bit lighter.

Day by day, letting go is getting easier.

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