November 20th, 2012 by Jan

There are a lot of ways to work hard and there is a lot of hard work in the world.

Number 6 of the 1 to 8 in the Yang curriculum is hard. Working for world peace is hard too. This last week I experienced hard work in a couple of different ways.

My friend Mike has a cattle ranch in Chama. Together we hauled 66 bales of hay each weighing about 800 pounds, from one place to another. We worked steady for about 10 straight hours and it was super hard physical work. Our brains had to be aware of safety, but our bodies did the grunt work. It was the kind of work that when it is finished, you sit back and say whew. A hot bath was the reward when the day was done.

Yesterday was a different kind of hard.

Dad and I drove to Espanola and he ordered and pre-paid for his cremation for when he dies. Physically all he did was sit in a chair, answer some questions and cut a cheque. I just had to sit there. But the emotional toll it to do this took was hard on both of us. We were exhausted and emotional. Dad more so. Again, a hot bath helped.

Everybody dies. And for me, I will say there are worse things than dying. Okay I say that not having died yet, or even really coming close to it. But, over the years, as I have shared in the death experience with others; grieved friends, family, and even strangers, I accept death as part of our life experience.

Life’s work is hard. Still making plans for your own death is really hard work. As nice as it is to have some things in place, it really takes a toll.

I think I’ll take another bath this morning.

2 thoughts on “hardwork

  1. nancy

    I’m glad you are there to arrange this with your dad… it probably would have been better to haul those bales of hay After the appointment…. but here in the land of the living we don’t get to arrange things like that… we have to move within the flow …. in between a good healing bath or two. be well Jan, you are doing good xoxoxo


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