May 21st, 2016 by Jan

The wifi at the Ranch doesn’t work so well, and that is my story for not posting this week.

The adobe walls of the hacienda are so thick that the signal just can’t get through. Of course I could sit on the patio and the signal is better, but the patio is also really nice for just sitting on.

Same as pool side! There is a hummingbirds nest in the lilac bush there and that is more fun than even Facebook!

What a place!

Dick and Sarah run Rancho Nambé and oh, they do a fine job at a fine place.

I feel like a really special friend here and while, in fact I may be, I also see they treat everyone that way.

The rooms are warm, clean and decorated full of art and comfort. The floors and doors of this 300 year old house do creek and groan at times and all the screen doors slam! Birds, dogs, a cat and about 15 Arabian horses also call this home. I love it.

We all meet for breakfast around 8 o’clock. I go early and have coffee with Sarah and talk. Sarah was my mothers friend, and Alice is in this place as well. There is even a quilt she made hanging in the room we are in. Pure love.

Dick and Sarah who have been married 55 years both work the place. It’s so well oiled, that it is cute when they bump into each other. Dick reminds me of my step-father Jack and they knew him years ago. In fact, they lived in “the house that Jack built” before they moved here 30 years ago.

We leave and go back up to Los Alamos today. I will really miss them and this beautiful place.

I love where Ken and I make home in Sechelt yet, this has been such a delight, at times I think I could just stay.

Our friends Dorian and Nini are also here and also leave today. There will be a quiet time later. What fun we did have.

Growing up here, I can’t and won’t say I took for granted the area, I didn’t. But I also didn’t tour it. Growing up, we just went places. I didn’t even know they had names. This trip — we’ve toured.

This week, we took day trips to Santa Fe, Ghost Ranch, Taos, Jemez, even a side trips to Espanola and of course a few hikes and green chile enchiladas.

Perhaps I will tell some stories in future posts, but for now I can just say-

What a grand days we’ve had.

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