September 14th, 2015 by Jan

I’ve always wanted to go to university.

Today I’m going!

Okay, it is Elder College at Capilano University;  I’m taking two classes!

My first class is on having “lively discussions.” Marian Bantjes encouraged me to take this one. I plan to sit in the front row and just yell, “What?” I think that will endear me to the teacher and classmates!

The second class is a writing class. I’ve never taken a writing class before. I did take a few private lessons with April Boshard once and loved it. I’m looking forward to that class.

I will confess that the name of the class is “creative non-fiction” which I don’t think is a real genre… but probably fits quite well to how and what I write.

Now, where is my notebook and should I pack a lunch or bring an apple for the teacher, but the most important question is… will going to university finally this get me into a book club?

3 thoughts on “firstdayofschool

  1. Laurie

    Jan, you are another great example of retirement life! We’re another year or so out from it but my “wanna” list is getting longer and longer!


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