Deals and steals

May 1st, 2012 by Jan

I wasn’t eavesdropping yesterday, when I overheard someone complaining about the cost of being at a treatment centre. They were ranting on and on about the high price they were paying to have their addiction treated, and I’m pretty sure they wanted everyone to hear.

At another time in my life, I might have agreed.

But yesterday, when I heard this, I thought, “Are you kidding?”

Because from my point of view, and from what I witness nearly everyday — It’s the deal of a lifetime!

7 thoughts on “Deals and steals

  1. Laura B

    This person wanted people to know that:

    (1) He/she had an addiction which they had overcome (i.e. I am a strong person)

    (2) She/he was wealthy enough to afford the Centre (i.e. I am successful in spite of my addiction).

    Sometimes what’s **not** said is as important as what **is** said.

  2. Kathy

    While working there I also over-heard this complaint a few times. Now, I’ve never been in the situation so am not pointing fingers but I always thought, “Really? How much was your DOC costing you ~ and not just financially.” And you’re right ~ it’s good to not just LISTEN but to HEAR.

  3. Laura B

    Hey, Kathy, I had to smile when I read your comment, because as a pharmacist it’s the first time I’ve seen Drug of Choice (DOC) in this context;-)


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