April 30th, 2012 by Jan

I check my horoscope in the morning. I don’t really give it much stock, but still — being a Taurus is a good thing, and just like being left handed, I’m glad these two traits are my fortune.

That being said, today’s horoscope was boring and doomsaying, so I went scouting around for a better one. I figure if they don’t really mean anything, why not choose a horoscope that at least says you are going to have a good day.

Scorpio was the closest I could find this morning that offered anything close to a good day, but it still suggested communication problems and cautioned to be careful.

According to astrologer, Georgia Nichols, today is going to be a rough one for everyone.

So, here is my two cents for April 30, 2012 —

Today, don’t be bothered with horoscopes, fortune cookies, or the IChing. Swami, Sifu Jan says, “Be nice and Sally Forth!”

2 thoughts on “horrorscope

  1. Kathy

    Not being a big Horror-scope person I find it interesting to read it the next day, just to see how accurate the previous days prediction was. I have found it’s not always right. If you truly believe in horoscopes and read that morning that you’re going to have a horrible day and all things will go wrong then that idea is in your head and so you help to create it and make it truth. That’s my theory anyway!


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