October 10th, 2013 by Jan

Home again, home again jiggity jig. It sure is nice to be here.

A lot is going on and that isn’t even counting all the sorting and debriefing my mind wants and needs to do.

It feels like Ken and I are hemorrhaging money right now. We are getting a new roof put on the house before the winter rains come and yesterday instead of a nice quiet day home, it was bang, bang, bang. It was fun to watch one young man, who I thought was young enough to probably still be in school, work his rear end off hauling the old shingles off the roof and into a bin, we have parked in the driveway, while two other older guys did the “smart” work of hammering. I’m glad Ken didn’t think this was a do-it-yourself project!

Also, we had the car in the shop and it came out two days early with new tires, new brakes and new shocks. I was surprised I had to still put gas in it. It runs like a hot damn and should last us a few more trips to the cove now!

I went into town last night to teach the die hard tai chi people of the North Van sort and we had a great class on the 88.

I feel asleep on the ferry, which is always a bit embarrassing when folks are trying to unload. Glad I live in a country where a gentle man politely knocked on my window to wake me as we unloaded.

Today is catch up day and I hope to give myself a bit of time to shift through the last couple of weeks in New Mexico and find my feet again on Bowen Island.

Oh, and Moser was just dropped off for a few more days. Marian is famous and with that comes a lot of travel. I have to say, he looks so much better than the last time I saw him and he was impersonating Spaceman Spiff.

So, dear diary — that’s the news that is fit to print for now. I’m hoping to have a story or two tell soon.

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